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  • Implementing Custom Logons

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If you need to add fields to the logon message when you initiate a session, do it in the toAdmin callback of the Applicationinterface.

For example, a counterparty may ask to have a user identifier placed in the SenderSubID field and a password put into the RawData field.

In the toAdmin callback, if the message is a logon message (being sent to the counterparty) then add your fields. The sent message will include whatever changes you make to the Logon message in the callback.

Code Block
private String userID;
private String password;

public void toAdmin(Message message, SessionID sessionId) {
    if (isMessageOfType(message, MsgType.LOGON)) {
    super.toAdmin(message, sessionId);

private void addLogonField(Message message) {
    message.getHeader().setField(new SenderSubID(userID));
    message.getHeader().setField(new RawDataLength(password.length()));
    message.getHeader().setField(new RawData(password));

private boolean isMessageOfType(Message message, String type) {
    try {
        return type.equals(message.getHeader().getField(new MsgType()).getValue());
    } catch (FieldNotFound e) {
        logErrorToSessionLog(message, e);
        return false;

private void logErrorToSessionLog(Message message, FieldNotFound e) {
    LogUtil.logThrowable(MessageUtils.getSessionID(message), e.getMessage(), e);