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These are resources for developers of QuickFIX/J, not the developers who use the tool.

SourceForge Project Site

RSS Feed

Source Code

Source code is available from the SourceForge Subversion repository. Information on accessing the repository can be found here. You can also browse the Subversion repository.

As the SourceForge Subversion documentation states, you'll generally want to checkout the trunk rather than the root of the repository.

Code Block
svn co quickfixj 

Jira Issue Tracking

Jira is used for issue/bug tracking and release management. It can be found here.

Build Server

QFJ uses the Bamboo CI server. Latest build status is here. RSS feeds are also available on the build status page.

Coding conventions

SVN commit comment

When committing in SVN, the developer must follow this pattern in the comment:

QFJ-nnn: <title of JIRA ticket>